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For example, consider the web-site of the library. The user comes to the library site via a web browser, makes a login, inputs the necessary keywords to find the book, боты для телеграмм заработок the book paid or free in a specific format, opens the reader and reads the book.

Thus the purpose of the library service is to get the user a request and then search the book and provide query results in a certain form of answer. Also, there are applications for mobile devices. In fact, they are the same services presented in the form of applications for the operating system IOS iPhone, iPad or Android. But what is the difference between the telegram bot and a traditional website or a mobile application?

Contrary to web-site, the bot does not require user registration. The bot already knows and identifies the user in the Telegram messenger. Sometimes registration can be a significant problem for the site user. On the other hand, not every user wants to register on the site and give their personal or not very data to the service.

For telegrams bot this problem does not exist. Once you started telegram bot from your contact list, the bot identifies you and works with you personally. The Bot has a simplified interface. Casual bot interface is the small number of buttons and input text string. Generally, the interaction with the user interface is the most important for robot or any other services, боты для телеграмм заработок, including Web sites. When you create a bot for telegram it is hard to overload interface functionality, as in this case there will be no place for necessary functions.

Furthermore, the user interface in terms of the position of functional elements looks exactly the same, regardless of the screen size and operating system. And this is a very important point. Боты для телеграмм заработок, in the past few years, each of us have faced with the problem of displaying web sites on a mobile devices.

In pursuit of versatility webmasters constantly modify the design of their sites, without testing on all different devices. As a result, user suffers: Thus, in terms of UI user interface bots for Telegram are much simpler and therefore more reliable. Unlike a website, боты для телеграмм заработок bot can send a push notifications to the user. Of course, as in a mobile application, the user can turn off notifications for a particular bot.

But if we talk about the difference between a website and the bot, providing feedback to the user is a very important and fundamental difference in favor of telegram bot. Easy and therefore cheaper development. Actually the telegram bot developer creates only ONE bot. After that it is guaranteed worked on ALL devices and operating systems that support the Telegram messenger.

We just have found four huge and fundamental differences between traditional technology in favor of the Telegram bot. Of course, there are also negative aspects. Telegram is mostly a text messenger and is not good with dynamic graphics. Telegram team offer a solution for this problem: But it is rather crude technology, with its pros and cons.

Honestly, Telegram is okay without it. It is not always the person needs to work with graphics. For implementing text services Telegram bots fit боты для телеграмм заработок. To be the best in its class, probably, is the task of the maximum, which Telegram solves just fine. We have just come to knowledge what the Telegram bot really is. Lets proceed to the aspects of the Telegram bot development. As discerning reader may guess, this SEO-article is written primarily for the search engine robots.

But if you are still reading, lets continue. Generally speaking to make the bot for Telegram is quite simple. But is it so simple to make the really good and useful bot? If that were the case, the world would be much better than one we have. In reality, to do something useful, one must have a long time study, then a long time work, then bring to production about one or ten projects. And after that, having a luggage of useful knowledge, one should start creating something боты для телеграмм заработок worthwhile.

What is inside the bot? Artificial intelligence or Terminator is still not there. It is the same web service. Also one needs an application server supporting protocol https, боты для телеграмм заработок. Thus, to develop and stert a bot for Telegram to you need a web server with an external IP or domain name and the SSL-certificate that provides data transfer between your server and the Telegram server via a secure https protocol.

If you already have experience with hosting providers, боты для телеграмм заработок and running a bot for Telegram will be easier for you.

If no such experience, try to install any CMS on the hosting, боты для телеграмм заработок, or just order ready for use Telegram bot. There are a bunch of manuals on creating a telegram bot php or telegram bot python. We will not repost it. Заработать деньги в интернете без вложений и быстро hope you catched the point.

In terms of service Telegram bot is similar to the website service. Fortunately you can host заработки в питере unlimited number of bots on the one site.

The amount of payment depends on the number of clients served by the bot, and the number of user requests. In practice, Telegram bots are not the most highly loaded systems. Nevertheless, large integrated systems can be quite difficult to develop and support, thus require fairly significant investment.

For example, bitcoin bot for Telegram. Also we reveal где и на чем можно заработать деньги в интернете secrets about Telegram bot promotion and other interesting and useful features. Such as bot constructor and Telegram search bot. The article is written special for Telegrambot. Copying without permission of the owner is illegal and will be prosecuted. Or it will not, боты для телеграмм заработок.

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